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Microbial Manufacturing Capabilities

GMP microbial manufacturing at our San Diego, CA facility

The Right CDMO Partner for Advancing Your Microbial Derived Therapeutics

Tanvex’s microbial manufacturing facility is FDA inspected and equipped with state-of-the-art fermenters, harvesting equipment and a variety of downstream purification options. The facility’s manufacturing capabilities and equipment support the production of secreted and intracellular products from pre-clinical to commercial scale. Our mature quality system and regulatory experience make us your ideal partner for bringing your microbial derived therapeutic from concept to reality.

A laboratory worker using a large fermenter at Tanvex's GMP facility

Piloted by Experts

Tanvex has been manufacturing microbial derived therapeutics since 2011.Our microbial manufacturing facility houses a 150L stainless steel fermenter and a 300L single use fermenter (SUF) will be on-line soon.


We have successfully advanced multiple products from pre-clinical to BLA and commercialization. Our team’s firsthand experience in biologics innovation can provide you with the necessary edge for your program’s future success. Tanvex’s experienced manufacturing, quality, and regulatory teams will collaborate closely with our clients to bring safe and effective microbial derived therapeutics to patients in need.


Microbial Manufacturing Equipment

We recognize the importance of leveraging state-of-the-art technology for efficient and robust manufacturing processes. Our San Diego facility is equipped with:


  • 150L BioFlo ProFermentor
  • 300L Thermo Single Use Fermentor (SUF)
  • AKTA Ready
  • Automated TFF Skids

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