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Tanvex BioPharma USA (formerly La Jolla Biologics, Inc.) was founded in 2011. Driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and a passion for revolutionizing healthcare, our team has honed its skills in making biologics more accessible and affordable to patients. Following our recent success in commercializing our own products, we are uniquely positioned to understand innovators’ needs from an outsourcing partner. We seek to apply our insight and experience in making biologics by offering comprehensive microbial and mammalian contract development and manufacturing solutions to the biopharma industry as Tanvex CDMO.

Our mission: To drive greater good through safe, effective and affordable biopharmaceuticals

In a world where accessible biologics and biosimilars are in ever-increasing demand, Tanvex has risen to the challenge. With a deep understanding of process development and product characterization we recognize the need for efficiency and enhanced capabilities in antibody development and production.

Tanvex is poised to build upon our founding mission, leveraging our robust infrastructure and unmatched expertise to offer contract development and manufacturing services to biologics innovators, delivering on our vision to drive greater good through safe, effective and affordable biopharmaceuticals.

A Proven Track Record

Tanvex’s strengths lie in our track record of successfully bringing multiple biosimilars from preclinical to BLA and commercialization. Combined with our diverse microbial and mammalian manufacturing capabilities, and fortified by a strong foundation in analytical expertise, our team stands ready to help the next generation of innovators navigate the domains of novel antibody therapeutics and biosimilars to bring groundbreaking treatments to patients worldwide.

Unlocking Innovation and Supporting Startups

Situated on the West Coast of the United States in San Diego, CA, Tanvex is not only a hub of scientific creativity but also a beacon for startups and companies with early-phase biologic assets. Our expertise enables us to pioneer and refine processes for cutting-edge biologics and biosimilars, and expedite their path from conception to clinic and commercialization. Our state-of-the-art facility is tailored for commercial-ready production, offering comprehensive services for both microbial and mammalian manufacturing for all phases of product development.


Dr. Yun Yen

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

John Mosack

Chief Operating Officer

Peter Lin

Chief Financial Officer

Matt Unkrich

Vice President of Business Operations

Sylvia Hinds

Vice President of Business Development

Qi Liu

Vice President of Regulatory Affairs

Jennifer Hopp

Vice President of Process Development

Weifeng “Frank” Zhang

Vice President of Manufacturing and Manufacturing Science and Technology

Norma Braun

Vice President, Human Resources (People)

Barry Conner

Vice President of Quality

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