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Tanvex’s commitment to transparent collaboration and innovative thinking defines us as your partner in transforming ideas into impactful biopharmaceutical treatments. Our capabilities extend to both mammalian and microbial derived biologics and biosimilars. Explore each capability’s dedicated page to uncover how Tanvex can support and guide your journey to success.

Tech Transfer

Seamlessly transitioning your processes from the lab to large-scale production is a cornerstone of success. Our proven tech transfer procedures ensure that your innovations are transitioned flawlessly, maintaining the integrity of your product performance and safety.

Cell Line Development

The foundation of any successful biopharmaceutical is a robust cell line. The Tanvex cell line development team offers both microbial and mammalian cell line development services to propel your product from concept to reality.

Mammalian Process Development

 Unlock the potential of mammalian cell-based biologics and biosimilars with our tailored process development strategies. From optimization to scalability, we’re dedicated to maximizing productivity and quality while minimizing costs. Having successfully commercialized our own product and having filed multiple BLAs with regulatory agencies, our experienced team can help you mitigate potential regulatory hurdles and accelerate your product to the patients in need.   

Microbial Process Development

Leverage the efficiency of microbial systems with our expert process development approaches. Tanvex optimizes microbial bioprocessing to create innovative solutions that bring your products to market faster and more affordably.

Analytical Development

Expedited development of biopharmaceuticals requires a sound analytical development, testing and characterization strategy. Our analytical experts apply phase-appropriate method  qualification or validation, and our state-of-the-art analytical technologies and bioassay capabilities enable us to perform thorough product characterization to deliver a comprehensive understanding of your product’s mechanism of action and degradation pathway enabling you to successfully advance through different clinical phases.

Formulation and Drug Product Development

 Transforming your biologic drug substance into a safely deliverable, stable, and cost-effective drug product is no easy task and requires a combination of art and science. Tanvex’s formulation team expertly applies this approach to resolve complex development solutions utilizing our precise and high-throughput capabilities. This, coupled with an in-depth understanding of pharmaceutical principles allows the evaluation of all aspects of drug product development, from formulation to commercialization.

Project Management

Navigating the complexities of biopharmaceutical development demands an experienced hand. Our dedicated project management team orchestrates each step, ensuring timelines are met, risks are mitigated, and your vision becomes reality.

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