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Goodwin Biotechnology’s mission is to eliminate the manufacturing risk for companies developing complex biologic therapeutics by being the pre-eminent provider of high-quality, cost-effective, flexible and timely cGMP compliant CDMO solution. From pre-clinical development through commercial product supply. By integrating our CDMO services in one location, Goodwin provides a Single Source Solution™ to anticipate and overcome the challenges you face with your biopharmaceutical candidate, whether it be complex proteins such as monoclonal antibodies or a sophisticated Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC).

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Goodwin offers a full scope of integrated services, ranging from cell line development, cell culture and purification process development, cell banking, scale up to manufacturing, and cGMP manufacturing with aseptic fill / finish from early- and late-stage clinical trials as well as commercialization for Monoclonal Antibodies, Vaccines, and Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) including other bioconjugates.

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Manufacturing Solutions
Manufacturing Solutions

Goodwin offers a full range of mammalian cell culture services ranging from the creation of up and downstream processes through scale up and cGMP manufacturing of your biopharmaceutical candidate. We work with most cell lines used for manufacturing, including CHO, NSO, BHK, HEK293 as well as murine and human hybridomas, and all selection systems used with these cell lines such as dhfr-/methotrexate CHO, mycophenolic acid/xanthine, and G418 systems. Our experience includes surface dependent as well as suspension culture types.

Support Solutions
Support Solutions

The Manufacturing Solutions that Goodwin offers are fully supported by our analytical / method and formulation development capabilities as well as our quality control, quality assurance, regulatory, and project management capabilities.


Goodwin Biotechnology is dedicated to anticipating and overcoming challenges to provide solutions for biopharmaceutical projects and we retain flexibility in employing our services to address the ever-evolving CDMO needs of the biopharmaceutical industry.

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We offer a unique and unrivaled CDMO expertise in the research, development, validation and commercial scale manufacture of Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs), radioimmunoconjugates, complex proteins, and other protein bioconjugates. We have more than a decade of experience and multiple patents pending in protein modifications through chemical bioconjugation of cancer drugs, protein toxins, bifunctional ligands and metal chelates (for radio-isotope labeling), antibodies and other biological molecules onto monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins.

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